Research Division

The State Key Laboratory of Lake Science and Environment

Focusing on major scientific issues in the protection of lake water safety and the maintenance of regional ecological security, SKLLSE mainly explore the evolution of the lake environment driven by natural and human factors and the interaction of each element. We are involved in the basic and applied research on the law and driving mechanism of lake environment evolution, the development of the principles and technologies of lake water volume control, lake pollution control and ecological restoration, and the establishment of the theory and method of lake-watershed integrated management. The objectives of SKLLSE are to establish a national research platform for lake science and environment research, a state-level platform for the lake and environment experimental tests, field research and monitoring, to identify the major scientific issues on lake environment, to develop the theoretic system of modern lake science, to propose a methodology for improving lake environment and protecting water safety, and to enhance the academic growth of China on lake science.

Research Directions

(1)Formation and Evolution of Lake System

(2)Lake Hydrology and Water Resources

(3)Lake Biology and Ecology

(4)Lake environment and Engineering


Key Laboratory of Watershed Geographic Sciences, CAS

Based on the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the laboratory focuses on the major scientific issues concerning watershed ecological safety and sustainable development, and explores the evolution processes, interaction mechanisms, and optimization of watershed geographic factors The laboratory has been following the path of integration of physical and human geography, with both scientific and applicable aspects focused, so as to serve the national strategy of ecological civilization construction and regional sustainable development.

Research Directions

(1)Monitoring and Integrated Modeling of Watershed Geographic Factors

(2)Evolution Mechanisms and Effects of Watershed Geographic Processes

(3)Development Regulation and comprehensive Management of Watershed


Engineering Laboratory for Lake Environment Protection and Ecological Restoration, CAS

The laboratory aims at the research and development of original technologies for lake-basin environment protection and ecological restoration, in order to formulate relevant technical specifications and standards, develop products, materials, technology and equipment of environmental protection and ecological restoration.It also promote demonstration and implementation of the environment and ecological engineering projects, cultivates the business of environmental protection and ecological restoration, provides technical consulting services for governments, industries, and enterprises. Furthermore, it absorbs and trains a pool of talents for technical research and application through the cooperation mechanism of industry-university research institutions.

Research Directions

(1)Watershed Pollution Control

(2)Lake Endogenous Pollution Control

(3)Algal Blooms Early-warning and Emergency Measures

(4)Water Quality Improvement and Ecological Restoration and Regulation

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