Faculty and Staff

There are more than 250 staff members in NIGLAS. Among them, seven are supported by the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and seven are supported by the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars from NSFC. 

Division of Physical Limnology and Hydrology 
Prof. GONG Zhijun  
Prof. HU Weiping    
Prof. QIN Boqiang  
Prof. SHI Kun  
Prof. XU Hai  
Prof. ZHANG Yunlin  
Prof. ZHU Guangwei 

Division of Lake Biology and Ecology 
Prof. CHEN Feizhou  
Prof. GAO Guang 
Prof. GU Xiaohong  
Prof. LI Kuanyi  
Prof. LIU Zhengwen  
Prof. SHI Xiaoli  
Prof. WU Qinglong  
Prof. XIE Liqiang  
Prof. XING Peng  
Prof. ZENG Jin 

Division of Lake Sedimentation and Environmental Evolution 
Prof. KONG Xiangzhen   
Prof. LONG Hao   
Prof. WANG Jianjun  
Prof. WANG Rong  
Prof. WU Jinglu  
Prof. XIAO Xiayun   
Prof. XUE Bin  
Prof. YANG Xiangdong   
Prof. ZHANG Enlou  
Prof. ZHANG Ke 

Division of Lake Environment and Engineering 
Prof. CHEN Kaining  
Prof. DING Shiming  
Prof. JIANG Helong   
Prof. PAN Jizheng   
Prof. XU Huacheng   
Prof. YIN Hongbin   
Prof. ZHANG Lu 

Division of Lake-Catchment Interaction and Manipulation 
Prof. JIANG Jiahu  
Prof. LAI Xijun   
Prof. LI Yunliang  
Prof. LIU Yuanbo 
Prof. WANG Xiaolong  
Prof. XU Ligang   
Prof. ZHANG Ganlin   
Prof. ZHANG Qi 

Division of Watershed Resources and Ecology Environment 
Prof. FU Congsheng  
Prof. GAO Junfeng 
Prof. HUANG Jiacong  
Prof. LI Hengpeng  
Prof. SU Weizhong  
Prof. WAN Rongrong  
Prof. XU Xibao   
Prof. YANG Guishan   
Prof. ZHU Qing 

Division of Regional Human and Economic Geography 
Prof. CHEN Jianglong   
Prof. CHEN Wen  
Prof. DUAN Xuejun  
Prof. SUN Wei   
Prof. WANG Lei   
Prof. ZHANG Luocheng 

Division of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science 
Prof. DUAN Hongtao  
Prof. LIN Chen  
Prof. MA Ronghua   
Prof. SONG Chunqiao  
Prof. ZHANG Yuchao
Faculty and Staff